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This is the difference your scholarship donation can make.

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501c3 You can now DONATE ONLINE with secured PayPal transactions!

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The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the sole fundraising entity for the Miss Arkansas Competition. For decades, the Competition has maintained a tradition of empowering young women to achieve their personal and professional goals while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talents and intelligence.

In 2019, Miss Arkansas contestants were awarded over $182,300 in scholarships and earned over $250,000 more in in-kind, educational scholarships.

By offering your support to this event, you directly impact young women across the state of Arkansas, enabling them to meet their academic goals while also supporting the largest scholarship provider for women in the world, the Miss America Competition.

Please help us increase the scholarship endowment by donating today. Your support will empower these young women today with the hope of becoming our leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you!

Baxter Sharp, Treasurer


The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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Darynne Dahlem, Miss Arkansas 2019

Darynne Dahlem is a 22-year old Honor graduate of the University of Arkansas.  In May of 2019 she received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  At Miss Arkansas, Darynne won a $30,000 scholarship provided by the Skokos Foundation and the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation and more than $75,000 in awards, wardrobe, transportation and gifts.  She will represent Arkansas at the 2020 Miss America Competition.

At this year’s Miss Arkansas Competition, Darynne brought home an additional $14,550 in scholarships for a grand total of $44,550 this year.  She won the Sarah Slocum Overall Interview Award as well as the Overall On Stage Interview Award.  Darynne also won the Jessie Ward Bennett Leadership Award, the Claudia Raffo Enhance Arkansas Award, the Asher Ray Mentor Award, the Melonie Moore Overall Vocalist Award, the Online Favorite Award and one of the two Legacy Awards.  During the Arrival Ceremonies it was announced that she won the Medical Professionals Marketplace Scholarship.  During Preliminary Competition, Darynne won one of the two Social Impact in Evening Wear Awards for the Sigma Group.

After her year as Miss Arkansas concludes. Darynne plans to use her scholarship money to attend medical school.  She plans to one day specialize in pediatric cardiology and work at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  During her time competing in Miss Arkansas she raised almost $11,000 for CMN and Arkansas Children’s.

This was Darynne’s fifth time to grace the Miss Arkansas stage.  She has won nearly $95,000 in scholarships during this time.  She won the crown as Miss Apple Blossom this year.

Learn More about Miss Arkansas at MissArkansas.org!

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Grateful, blessed, overjoyed….just a few words to describe how appreciative I am to the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation and the Miss America Organization. Competing for Miss Arkansas over the last few years has not only given me invaluable life skills, it also finished funding my Chemistry Degree from Arkansas State University and will pay for the majority of Pharmacy School at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences next fall. I am living proof that hard work and focus on service and scholarship pays off. Thanks to Miss Arkansas, I have over 80,000 reasons to be grateful! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who helps provide scholarships and opportunities to women like me.

– Claudia Raffo, Miss Arkansas 2018








Maggie Nenton

My experience as Miss Arkansas has changed the course of my life for the best. Because of this experience and the $50,000 in scholarships that I have earned from this organization: I will pursue my master’s degree, graduate debt free, and live life knowing that the sky is the limit! When I think back on my time in college, I know that my Miss Arkansas preparation was the perfect contribution to my college career. The scholarships, interview skills, knowledge of overall health, and talent preparation really sharpened my skills and provided a brighter future for me. I can never say thank you enough to everyone involved in the scholarship aspect of this organization. It truly is a bright light in the lives of many Arkansan young women who have big goals and plans to change the world.

– Maggie Benton, Miss Arkansas 2017 







“I’m so grateful for the scholarship money given to me through the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation. As Miss Arkansas, I’m now able to complete my undergraduate degree and attend graduate school debt free. I hope to one day have my own art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or maybe become a museum curator. Thanks to the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation the possibilities are now endless. This organization has helped my dreams become a reality!”

-Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017 






Loren McDaniel

“I found a passion for performance in music and theatre when I was a teenager and was determined to attend college to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Now, as an alumni from the University of Arkansas, I will attend graduate school to obtain a Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Acting. I am able to live that dream because of the Miss Arkansas Organization and the scholarships provided to me during my three years of membership along with the privilege of being Miss Arkansas 2015. This organization has and will continue to catapult me into my future endeavors debt free. It is so humbling to be part of the largest scholarship provider for women in our great state, which is why I am honored to be the official hostess of Arkansas.”

– Loren McDaniel, Miss Arkansas 2015 






“I wanted to attend the University of Arkansas since I was 14 years old. For that reason, the scholarship aspect was what drew me to compete! Since I began competing in the teen system six years ago, I’ve completely paid for my undergraduate and graduate education. That is just amazing! These scholarships give young women an opportunity to further their education so that they may go on to do even greater things and make great contributions to our state and our world.”

     – Ashton Campbell, Miss Arkansas 2014







Kristen Glover Belew-cropped

“I remember speaking to the contestants days before giving up my crown and realizing how many girls were truly capable of being Miss Arkansas. It is humbling and empowering to remember how the judges chose me to receive this life changing honor. Although countless blessings come from the job of Miss Arkansas, the scholarship support to pursue my educational dreams will impact my life forever. I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Ouachita Baptist University and will soon become a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences… all debt free! However, you don’t have to win the crown to gain this reward. I am proud to tell of my pageant friends that have become lawyers, teachers, nurses… and most importantly difference makers. I strongly believe that the girls competing in the Miss Arkansas Organization are the young leaders in our state! That is the greatest reason why I have joined the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation and initiated new scholarships, such as the Quality of Life Scholarship which recognizes outstanding community service. I have personally benefited from the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation and I feel compelled to spend my time and effort giving back!”

– Kristen Glover Belew, Miss Arkansas 2011

Ashlen Batson Thomason “After getting a taste of research and teaching, I was wrestling with my desire to pursue a Ph.D. knowing that I was already staring down the debt of a master’s degree. I wished so badly to stifle that aspiration, as I could not see a feasible way to pay for it aside from taking on mounds of student load debt. The moment that I knew I was the new Miss Arkansas was not only the second I realized that a life-long dream had come true, but it was also the instant when I realized that God had created a way for all of my future dreams to come true. The buckling of my knees, the look of utter shock, the tears, they weren’t just about becoming Miss Arkansas; that reaction was also the manifestation of feeling burden of financially supporting my dreams lifted in an instant. In my years since my time as Miss Arkansas I have finished my bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and will soon complete doctorate debt-free thanks to the sponsors and volunteers of Miss Arkansas and Miss America Scholarship Organizations. My crown is collecting dust. My gowns don’t zip. My flute is enjoying retirement. My education makes my life better every day. That’s how often I think of the people who lovingly donate and volunteer their time: every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a way for dreams to come true for so many women like me through the life-long gift of education.” 

– Ashlen Batson Thomason, Miss Arkansas 2008

Beth Anne Rankin “Years after winning the title of Miss Arkansas 1994, I still stand honored and amazed how that tremendous experience continues to set the stage for life-long opportunities that allow me to do what I have always loved to do…serve Arkansas and the incredible people who live here. Not only winning the title of Miss Arkansas but also my four years of participation prepared me for so much more than a pageant; it prepared me for life itself. As Director of GIFT Arkansas 529 College Savings Plan, I meet Arkansans every day who are dreaming of a brighter future through the path of education and who are working hard to be able to afford it. As I visit with them, my heart is filled with gratitude for the impact that Miss Arkansas scholarships had on my life and education, and especially for the generous donors who made it possible. I will spend the rest of my life hoping to give back even a fraction of what our incredible supporters made possible for me.”

– Beth Anne Rankin, Miss Arkansas 1994

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[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_accordion admin_label=”Accordion – MAGC | Donate To Scholarships | Become A Pageant Sponsor”][et_pb_accordion_item title=”DONATE TO SCHOLARSHIPS”]

Every dollar counts! If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to fund scholarships,  CLICK HERE to donate online OR you may choose to mail your donation to MASF by downloading the form HERE.

The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
c/o Baxter Sharp, Treasurer
P.O. Box 552
Brinkley, AR 72021

Phone: 870.734.4060
Email: info@missarkansasfoundation.org


[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”BECOME A PAGEANT SPONSOR!”]


As a Sponsor of the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant, you are investing in future generations through education. Sponsors say they have a great sense of pride when they know they are enabling the young women of today with the opportunity to be leaders of tomorrow’s world. Many contestants go on to become physicians, teachers, attorneys, judges, journalists and many other exceptional professions because of the scholarships they receive through this program. We invite you to continue your sponsorship or to become a new sponsor.


Following are the opportunities:

$10,000+ Cash Donation

  • 3 Full-page ads in the Pageant program book
  • Link to your website on the Miss Arkansas site
  • Table in the lobby during Pageant week (with prior approval)
  • Nightly recognition from stage including logo display on screens
  • Social media recognition by Miss Arkansas throughout the year
  • 4 Season Tickets to Pageant in Premier Box Seating
  • 3 Appearances by Miss Arkansas during the year
  • 1 copy of Pageant Program

$2,500 Cash Donation

  • 1 Full-page ad in the Pageant program book
  • Recognition from stage, social media recognition year round
  • 2 Season Tickets to Pageant
  • 1 Appearance by Miss Arkansas during the year
  • 1 copy of Pageant Program

$1,000 Cash Donation

  • Half-page ad in the Pageant program book
  • Recognition from stage, social media recognition year round
  • 2 Season Pageant Tickets
  • 1 copy of Pageant Program

$500 Cash Donation

  • Recognition from stage
  • 2 Season Pageant Tickets
  • 1 copy of Pageant Program

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation and become a Pageant Sponsor,  click here  OR you may choose to mail your donation to MASF by downloading the form here.


For additional information about these sponsorships contact:

Kristen Glover
(870) 674-4136


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The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation has established an opportunity for you to honor contestants, former contestants and supporters of the Miss Arkansas Pageant. By honoring someone’s involvement in the Miss Arkansas Pageant system you will also be helping fund scholarships. This is a perfect way to remember those who are no longer with us for their interest and support of the Miss America organization. The donation for an honorarium is $25 per listing and is tax deductible. These honorariums will be listed in the Miss Arkansas Pageant program book. Click HERE to the tribute/honorarium section on the online donation page.

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Amazing women have been involved with the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant system, providing inspiration as positive role models for young women of today. The Miss Arkansas Hall of Fame, established in 2011, honors former contestants who did not win the title of Miss Arkansas but continue to promote the ideals that the Miss America program represents.

Each year, two former contestants are selected to be recipients of this honor and become the newest members of the Miss Arkansas Hall of Fame.  Nominations may occur multiple times, although a former contestant can only be named to the Hall of Fame once.  These honorees are selected on excellence in the areas of:

Community Service/Involvement
Professional Achievement
Academic Achievement (post-competition)
Focus on the Family
Personal Strength

 A committee of community and business leaders will choose the inductees from a list of nominees that remain anonymous to this panel during the selection process. Honorees are announced at the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant each year. Recipients’ names are added to a perpetual Miss Arkansas Hall of Fame plaque.


Categories for the two awards are:

  • 5-20 years (from the last competition year in the Miss Arkansas Pageant)
  • 21+ years (from the last competition year in the Miss Arkansas Pageant)

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle admin_label=”Toggle – MEET THE HALL OF FAME WINNERS” title=”MEET THE HALL OF FAME WINNERS” open=”off”]

  • Michelle Parham Rudolph, 2018
  • Simone Mullinax Sellstrom, 2018
  • Stephanie Throckmorton-Ross, 2017
  • Maegan Inzer Waldrip, 2017
  • Amy Mosley Russell, 2016
  • Kattie Lassiter Hansen, 2016
  • Kathy Moore Wheatley, 2015
  • Kerry Jucas Baldwin, 2015
  • Susie Morgan, 2014
  • Allison Waldrip, 2014
  • Terry Griffin Peeples, 2013
  • Adrielle Churchill, 2013
  • Kathy Vining DeLone, 2012
  • Kristin Freeman Wood, 2012
  • Kathy K. McClure, 2011
  • Abby Houseworth, 2011

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_text admin_label=”Nomination Deadline & Form” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

Nomination Deadline:

Hall of Fame nomination period deadline is May 1st.

  *Late submissions will not be accepted.

Click HERE to fill out the form for your Nomination

[button link=”https://missarkansasfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Hall-of-Fame-Nomination-Form-2018.pdf” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Hall of Fame Nomination Form [/button]

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Gentry Partners LTD
Jones & Son Fine Jewelry/TACORI
Joseph J. Kotso
Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation
Silent Circle
Skokos Foundation


Bill Tarkington and Mike Spivey
Cache Restaurant
Clay and Brittany Combs
Charles and Amanda Farmer
Coleman Family
Crews & Associates
Debbie Alsup and Eco Tools
Delta Dental
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Peek
Dr. Rhys Branman
Dr. Michael Cooper
Kent Burnett
Miss Arkansas Executive Directors Association (MAEDA)
Qwik-Way Dent Technology
Rebecca McDowell
Regions Private Wealth Management
Regions Financial Corporation and Elizabeth Farris
Renee Fronabarger
Rick Edwards
Sam Winstead
Sara Nail and Bill Hunter
Scott Heffington and Ricky Medlock
Stacy and Brad Hudgens

 $999 – $250

Andrew Meadors/Meadors Adams & Lee Insurance
Baumans Men’s Store
Baxter Jewell & Dobson P.A.
Beach Abstract & Guaranty Company
Cindy Caldwell-Whipple
CJ Wilson
Clay and Brittany Combs
Gateway Mortgage/Kathy McClure
Julie Blackwood
June and Leland Felix
Kathy and Ed McClure
LifeSmart Financial
Melinda Kinnaird Wise and Philip Wise
Moses Tucker Real Estate
Patti and Ron Lusk
Rick Pruitt
Salter Construction Inc.
Simone Mullinax
Stacy Utley
Terry Wallace
The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant
The Janet Jones Company

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Did You Win A Scholarship?

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_blurb admin_label=”Scholarship Notification Form” title=”Click Here For Your Scholarship Notification” url=”https://missarkansasfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/DID-YOU-WIN-A-SCHOLARSHIP-MASF.pdf” url_new_window=”off” use_icon=”on” font_icon=”” icon_color=”#d67373″ use_circle=”off” circle_color=”#7EBEC5″ use_circle_border=”off” circle_border_color=”#7EBEC5″ icon_placement=”top” animation=”top” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center” /][et_pb_divider admin_label=”Divider” color=”#d8d8d8″ show_divider=”off” height=”65″ /][et_pb_text admin_label=”501(c)(3) non-profit organization” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center”]

The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
As such, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by IRS regulations. Tax ID 26-4702621

P.O Box 552 Brinkley 72021